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I turned 41 years old just a few weeks after my twins were born. They are my first (and last) babies. Currently they are 6 months old. I had a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy… the only problem was that I was soooo big! I gained almost 20 Kg. Before the pregnancy I weighted 57 kg and by the end of it I had  78 – 79 Kg.  My babies were born by C-section.

After  I gave birth to my babies I ended up with a big belly that looked as I would be still 4 – 5 months pregnant … people told me this is normal and that I should wait some months for my body to recover. I lost almost all my extra pregnancy  weight and still I had the belly. Together with the aesthetic part of this, I felt uncomfortable when I was sitting in a semi – sitting posture, I wanted to  stand up. Also when I stand up from the bed. I felt weak when trying to move heavy stuff (and my babies of course)…in general: I felt weak. This affected my daily life with my babies and also affected me in a psychological way.

I felt unprepared to face my new life with 2 babies: taking care of them, using the pram, etc.

I started to do some research on the internet, and I found out that other women had similar problems, and read that moms of twins have this problems and they called it diastasis recti.

I started to read a lot about this on the internet and I found the Tupler technique, which I found very interesting but according to testimonials a bit boring…anyways, I got excited about it because of the results. Then, I found your rehab centre (Maven og Mig). I saw that you had also very good results and good stories of clients and I decided that this can be the answer/solution for me.

When I got the exercises program from you, I was surprised because It was neither boring nor difficult. In fact, It was very easy to include the exercises in my daily life/activities and movements (even though I have 2 babies to take care of). I was surprised as well with the quick results that I got after a few days. I have to say that I was very good with using the splint the whole day and I tried to be careful and conscious of my movements and activate my belly muscles in the right way.

In the second session, I got even easier and quicker exercises! I was sceptical about them and I thought that I would not get so good results. But again: It was as good as in the first 3 -4 weeks.

For the third session my diastasis was almost closed and I had gained more muscles  and less centimeters around my belly. Great! I am super happy!

Now, I am on the 10th week (around) and although I haven’t measured my diastasis again, I feel very optimistic  and I feel that it should be even smaller now. I feel stronger in my core and able to lift heavy things when I engage my core muscles. I think this technique and to learn how to use these muscles protects my body from injuries…and also help me to keep the good shape

 These are some things the rehab has done for me:

  • Stronger than before the rehab
  • smaller belly
  • Less/zero back pain
  • Now I can carry my babies, pram and everything without feeling exhausted
  • more confident about my self

For me, this programme and the good results go beyond the physical aspect. It gave me more confidence (which I need) to face the big challenge of taking care of 2 babies. Getting back my shape and becoming even more strong makes me happy… now I am pretty sure I can handle everything! 

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Gør som over 6000 andre, og få vores e-bog her