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ntensive care for your skin – organic cream

This cream from True Organic of Sweden, is the organic version of the 8hour cream. The cream is the perfect friend to dry and thirsty skin, cracked lips, red baby bottoms, burns and much more. All You Need is Me only contains 7 ingredients that are 95% organic and 100% natural. You will not find any alchohol, perfume, parabens or other harmful chemicals in the organic cream.

The ingredients of the cream as seen below, are packed with vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin. Vitamin E is especially good for scars, as they go beneath the surface of the skin and repair damage from free radicals.

Care for your scar with All You Need is Me

We originally chose this cream because it is especially good in caring for surgery scars, like a cesarean scar. This is due to its rich content of natural organic ingredients, which gives your skin / scar the optimal nourishment and care.

How to use the cream

As the cream has a thick consistency, a little goes a long way. Put a small amount on your fingertips and massage gently into the needing area. The cream is scent free and does not leave the skin greasy as it quickly absorbs. If you use the cream on a scar, please wait until the scar is completely healed before using it.


Castor oil Fights dry skin and is especially good during the winter Bees waks contains vitamin A and has a great ability to lock moisture in the skin for longer periods of time. Calms easily irritated skin with its anti allergenic properties Olive oil is rich on oleic acid which softens the skin and vitamin E which gives the skin elasticity Shea butter naturally rich in vitamin A, D, E and F Vitamin E a powerfull antioxidant which prevent and fights damage caused by free radicals in the skin and is therefore essential in skin and scar care Blueberry seed oil naturally rich on Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols). Tocotrienols is an under group of vitamin E that moves faster through the cell membranes and is therefore more effecient in fighting damage from free radicalsthan the better known type of vitamin E tocopherols Sunflower seed oil has a verry high content of vitmin E, which is its most important aspect in skin and scar care. It locks in moisture and calms sensitive skin.


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